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Initially part of a Research Masters degree, this project has now been extended to a PhD to further explore possibilities of developing a child rights based education for sustainable development/climate action approach. It comes in 2 iterations.

Iteration 1 entitled 'Can we see our voices'? took place over 9 months in 2019. This involved a child rights based research approach that explored with young children in a ECEC setting in Ireland their own perspectives of Nature and subsequent contributions for developing a child rights based education for sustainable development/climate action.

Iteration 2 entitled 'How can we see your voices?' is a participatory action research study based on the methodology of Iteration 1, that explores with ECEC practitioners their lived experiences and perspectives of their supporting role of duty bearer under Article 29 1 (e).

The intention of this website is to provide a space that includes resources and ideas that can be shared with the wider ECEC community as we together advocate for childrens' rights to learn in, through, about and for Nature.

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Food waste

A super website to support our understanding of food waste, what goes into our brown/banana bin, what goes in...

Waste management resource

The my waste website provides updated information on how best to manage waste. There are also great videos to...

The Tree Council

Another great Irish resource for tree related projects. Full of information on tree care, native trees and initiatives for schools,...

Heritage in schools

An abundance of resources, informative and interactive to support learning in, through, about and for Nature. The visual material and the...

Green Manure

The seeds that the we planted last week were an organic mixture of hungarian vetch, crimson clover and ryegrass. Green manure is a cover...

Biodiversity in Ireland

This website has tons of visual guides, project ideas to explore the abundance of Nature on our very doorstep....

D.I.Y - Do it Yourselves

There are many wonderful resources available online that can support lots of fun learning in, through, about and for Nature. The...

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Muireann Ranta
South East Technological University, Kilkenny Road Campus, Kilkenny Road, Carlow, R93 V960, Ireland

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