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Bin inspectors !

This week saw a huge collaborative project unravel with both CRAG members and research participants producing their own waste management system. Both groups were invited to hear a story about two frogs Lester and Clyde by James H. Reece and saw firsthand what happened to ponds as a result of littering. The children shared a lot of their own ideas and thoughts about this, which were developed into a waste management system meaningful to their daily lives in their setting. They took photographs of examples of waste from their lunch boxes and discussed together in which bin the waste should go. The adult researcher brought three bins, the blue bin (recycle bin), the green bin (rubbish bin) and the brown bin (compost, bio, or banana bin). The CRAG members glued photographs to each corresponding bin and also developed the role of 'bin inspector' to support the younger research participants in using the bins correctly (including how to open and close it without getting sore fingers !).

The research participants in turn made fridge magnets with leftover card and old magnets (exploring the concept of reusing) with information for their families on what goes into the recycling bins at home. They were very excited with their new teaching role too ! The following links provided the sessions with very helpful resources and videos to also check out at home.


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