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Team work

Our second data collection session involved both research groups, the CRAG members and the research participants and stemmed from last week's interest of conkers and animals. We went about planting seeds for a wildflower garden, we hope will arrive in Springtime (check resource folder for further info)..... Fingers and toes crossed !!While we were preparing the soil, we came across some wriggly little fellows that sparked great interest. We also put a couple of conkers in some glass jars with kitchen paper on a shelf inside and hope to watch them germinate and see how a seed changes underground. After all that planting, we positioned two large logs in the corner of the garden and the plan is to wait and see what creepy crawlies might appear underneath, for us to look at. Now, checking every few minutes is not particularly favourable in welcoming these little friends but it is SO hard to wait !!!!! It was a very busy fun morning.


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